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The universe operates according to certain unshakable laws.

If an object is acted on by a force, it will exert an equivalent force in the opposite direction. If a body is immersed in a fluid, it will experience an upward force proportional to the weight of the fluid it displaces…

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A couple of months ago, a friend of mine was nearly blinded by a sequence of minor coincidences:

  1. She woke up a little later than usual, so instead of putting in her contact lenses, she grabbed an old pair of glasses.
  2. The lenses kept fogging up because she wasn’t used…

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Let’s be honest; you’re not quite sure what critical race theory (CRT) is.

Don’t get me wrong, you probably know it began as a tool for examining how legal systems produce racial inequality. You’ve almost certainly heard of some of its offshoots, like intersectionality and “whiteness” studies. You might even…

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Of all the stories of courage that define the civil rights movement, one of the bravest can be told in a single sentence:

Mamie Till looked down at the mutilated body of her only son and decided the rest of the world should see it too.

Mamie’s son was fourteen-year-old…

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A group of schoolchildren line up on a playing field for a race. There’s some good-natured trash talk and varying levels of steely-eyed determination. A few toes stray over the start line in search of an advantage.

But there’s a twist. A teacher explains that their starting point will be…

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The week of June 21st 2020, a month after George Floyd was killed, an unprecedented eight of the top ten New York Times bestsellers were about race.

The “racial reckoning” prompted by Floyd’s death was the first time many white people had thought about racism. It was the first time…

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It used to be easy to define racism. It was the notion that one race was superior to another. It was hatred and fear and bigotry. It was the belief that the colour of a person’s skin was more important than the content of their character.

Times have changed.


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From time to time, Robert P George, a professor at Princeton University, runs an experiment on his students. He asks them to imagine what they would have done if they were white and living in the American South during slavery.

You guessed it; they’d all have been abolitionists!

Even though…

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In 1959, police raided a screening of the newly-released French drama Les Amants” because it featured a two-second shot of a woman’s nipple (I watched the movie for research purposes). …

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Every black person has a story about racism. It might be about a chance encounter on holiday or being denied entry to our own home. …

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