Again, this argument is just so disingenuous! There are countless subtle and not so subtle cues that tell us whether a person is a man or a woman. Most people master this feat of observation by the time they're three months old.

Yes, there are extraordinarily rare exceptions where it's hard to tell. And yes, if you have extensive plastic surgery and hormonal treatment it can also be difficult to tell. But to claim that this means we can't tell what a woman is in general, is so asinine that I can't take you seriously.

Here's the thing. I can define "woman", on sight, with something like 99.98% accuracy. Your definition of woman requires asking everybody, male and female, individually. Who's definition do you think has more utility.

And no, intersex people don't have anything to do with trans people, because trans identities have nothing to do with biology, whereas being intersex has nothing to do with identity. Note how I had to change the structure of those clauses? Being intersex is about what you are. Identifying as trans is about what you feel.

Yes, as I've said many times, gender is so complex that even describing it as a spectrum misses the point. Gender is essentially personality as viewed through the lens of rather limited stereotypes. There are ~8 billion of them.

Maybe the people who find it "easy to follow along" with the poorly considered arguments you're making simply aren't very good at thinking. *shrug*



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