Don’t Die With Your Gifts Inside You.

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If you’re feeling demotivated, my advice is to go sky-diving or bungee-jumping or whatever you need to do to remind yourself of your mortality, and then get back to work. I mean, what possible explanation could there be for your procrastination other than you’ve forgotten that you’re going to die?

(Actually, there is one other possibility, but it’s so preposterous that I won’t mention it yet).

Instead, let’s stick to the facts. First, if you’re searching for motivation then the thing you want to do is important, maybe even essential. Second, if it’s something important, and you want to do it, there’s a good chance that it’s something only you can do.

Don’t scoff. I know that might sound a little grandiose, but there are plenty of things that only you can do. Only you can express the ideas in your head right now for example. Only you can tell the world what your perspective is on the issues of the day. They say that everybody has a book inside of them, but only you can write the one that’s inside you. If you don’t do these things, they will literally never get done. Not for all of eternity.

But there you are thinking you have time. That you’ll do it later. You’ve been entrusted with something that nobody else in the world can do, and you’d rather watch Netflix or watch videos of puppies on YouTube. Don’t you know that a meteor could fall on your head, or a lion could eat you? Aren’t you worried about catching mad cow disease? There’s no cure for that you know? When everything is coming to an end, don’t you think you’ll wish you’d got this thing out of you? Whatever it is.

The only other possibility, which as I mentioned earlier is totally preposterous, is that you don’t think that this one-in-seven-billion thing you’re carrying around is worth anything. That you don’t realise that someone out there needs to see or hear or read or connect with the exact thing that you haven’t yet created. But that doesn’t make any sense at all. Surely if it was anything but the thing inside your head you’d see how ridiculous that was.

Tell me I’m overstating the matter if I claim that sharing your gifts with the world is the meaning of your life. What greater purpose could there possibly be? You’re born, you die, and in between, you have some number of thoughts that nobody has ever had before or will again. You see things in a way which is totally unique. You live in a time where it’s possible to share these gifts with the world. How could any excuse fail to sound small in the face of that fact?

Don’t die with your gifts inside you. Whether you think there’ll always be more time or you think they don’t matter, you’re wrong.

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I mainly write about meditation, content creation and personal development. But don’t let that fool you.

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