Haha! Sadly this is way above my pay grade. I'm certainly not saying that everyone should just get to come in, but I will say this. Let's imagine a scenario.

You've got a bunch of people fleeing war or persecution in their country so they come to your border. If you turn them away, you're effectively murdering them. Do you say "bad luck" and send them away anyway?

Do you let them in, in whatever numbers they come, opening your immigration policy up to abuse from people pretending to flee persecution?

Or do you go to the country where theses iinjustices are happening and intervene so that they don't need to come to your country in the first place?

These issues are often interconnected, which again is why there are no easy answers and solutions need to be deeply and carefully thought through.

When somebody says there's an easy answer they're either stupid, misinformed or lying.

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