Hey Keith, I'm certainly not trying to be ungenerous, sorry if I'm coming across that way. I've answered literally hundreds of comments so maybe I'm a bit frayed😅

But to your point, I just don't see how you're not claiming racism by association. When you say this:

"Trump supporters are racists! Of course they are not just racists, but they are racists. They are also sexists, as Trump clearly shared that he used his fame to molest women."

Or this:

"...when they lacked such compassion for people of color throughout the entire history of the nation."

I don't see how you're not concluding these people are racist or sexist because they voted for Trump and Trump is a sexist, racist bigot, or because they have blue collar jobs and some blue collar workers have been racist thoughout the history of the nation.

You're drawing, as far as I can see, a straight line between the idea that because Trump is racist and sexist, they obviously are too.

In the case of blue collar workers, you're invoking the actions of blue collar workars "throughout the history of the nation", and ascribing them to blue collar workers of today. I'm not sure where I'm misreadiing you.

I was just saying in a previous comment, I'd bet any money that some number of racists voted for Obama. Maybe not klan member, white supremacists, but still racists. And they voted for him anyway because they hoped he'd make things better. For the same reasons, I'd bet non-racists voted for Trump.

How does this theory account for the black people who voted for Trump? Or the latinos? Or the women who voted for an administration seemingly hell bent on limiting reproductive rights? Your argument seems to be that unless these people are prioritising the problems you see, they must support them. I'm just saying, what if their priorities lie elsewhere?

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