Hi Joseph! First of all thanks, that's good feedback, I probably didn't make my case clearly enough in the article.

As to your point, you kind of made it for me. Yes, there's no monolithic left or right or black or white or anything. When I talk about the Left here, I mean Democratic leaders.

And they are very obviously failing to connect with vast swathes of the American public. Why? Because they talk about things like "more robust social safety nets" and "equitable access to education". Why do you think it is that Trump has tens of millions of voters without speaking like this?

Is it becauise they're all racist? No. It's because he speaks directly to their concerns. Things like the rioting and looting. Things like illegal immigration. Things like the disapperance of industries which have decimated communites.

Is he selling them a bunch of bullshit about these things? Of course he is. But he speaks to them. He doesn't simply tell them they're wrong or to retrain as coders or dismiss them as deplorables and call it a day.

I believe it's possible to speak about these issues coherently, without bullshitting, but also without being afraid to be very clear about where people's concerns are coming from. And iif you want to argue that the left is doing this, explain those 70 million people.

You don't have to condemn BLM to say that the violence being done in their name is wrong. You don't have to condemn immigration to be clear about the need for a robust immigration policy. While you're at it, you can explain how immigration is a net positive for the economy instead of making bland, generic speeches about the American dream.

The Left, or should I say Democratic leaders, seem to have fallen in love with an image of themselves as beacons of hope, while forgetting that the kind of people that are voting for Trump aren't feeling that hope. If they aren't spoken to and listened to, they'll just vote for the next populist that comes along.

Race. Politics. Culture. Sometimes other things. Almost always polite. https://steveqj.com

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