How do you write 900 words about cancel culture and then claim that it doesn't exist? And then cite two of the most famious comedians in history not being cancelled as evidence?

Concerns about cancel culture aren’t about the most famous, they’re about people who don’t have that level of protection if the mob comes after them.

Consider Holy Land restaurant that has been forced to the brink of bankruptcy because of offensive tweets the owner’s daughter made when she was fifteen. Think about that. The tweets were sent eight years ago by a fifteen year old child and that still wasn’t enough for the mob to think, "Okay, maybe we should temper our reaction here."

Many of the people speaking out about cancel culture aren't doing so for themselves. This is what the critics of the Harpers letter can't seem to understand. They'e speaking on behalf of smaller, less established people who are afraid to speak freely because their careers could be destroyed by a misplaced word.

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