The Access Hollywodd tape is a good example. OK, let's imagine that there was a tape of Biden saying something really offensive (I mean, I personally thought his "you're not black if you vote for Trump" comments pretty gross). Would you have voted for Trump instead? Or would you have sucked it up because you wnated Trump out? It's not like Biden's record is completely clean, but that's been largely overlooked by the left because they so desperatley want to be rid of Trump.

I mean, I think you and I are basically in agreement. I'm not defending his supporters or their choices, I disagree with them as much as you do. But maybe where we disagree is that I don't think the fundamental source of that disagreement is that they're irredeemable. I believe that most people can be spoken to and reasoned with if you do so from a genuine place.

So that begs the questioin, why show compassion to people who were wiilling to sellout any notion of decency? My answer to that is that people, all of us, are capable of doing horrible, repugnant thngs when we're scared, or desperate or angry. Compassion is often most necessary when it's hardest to give. So I'm just suggesting we do our best with whatever patience we can muster. In the end, that's what's best for everyone.

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