I see what you're saying, but change takes time. Economic change especially. I mean, let's look at a completely different situation as an analogy.

9/11 happened during the first year of Bush's presidency. He was president for eight more years, yet he didn't kill Bin Laden. If you jusged his efforts by this you'd say he didn't accomplish anything.

Then along comes Obama, and within three years, Bin Laden is dead. Whose achievement was it? Of course Obama worked on this problem, but without the groundwork Bush laid, Obama would never have been able to find and kill Bin Laden in that time.

The proeblem is that most things are incremental (and much less visible than the hunt for Bin Laden), but we want to see change immediately or we think nothing's been done. And when something IS done, we give all the credit to the person currently sitting in the chair

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