If I didn't (sadly) know better, I'd think this was satire. Does intent or just the graudally changing meaning of words mean absolutelty nothing now? Only the possibility of finding offence if you really, really look for it?

Should we scrap the word "gay" in reference to homosexuality because it originally meant happy and gay people aren't, nor should they be made to feel like they should be, always happy?

Better yet, should we abolish all language ever used by anybody who ever said or did something reprehensible? Maybe we could create a new language called Newspeak and be done with it.

This abstract linguistic virtue signalling isn't helping anybody. Can't you see that? What happens when every "bad" word has been excised from the English language? Does all the hatred and bigotry magically disappear with it?

The idea that swapping out a few words makes us better people or diminishes racism is hopelessly simplistic. The work is much harder than that. Maybe that's why some people prefer to play language games instead.

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