Just Keep Going.

Success is less complicated than we make it.

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When you start you’ll have all kinds of ideas about what you’re starting. You’ll think you know what you’re doing. You’ll be wrong, but you’ll have no way of knowing that yet. Nothing is ever what you first imagine it’s going to be because, as it turns out, you’re really bad at predicting the future.

Don’t be phased. Keep going.

You’ll learn that this thing that you’re creating is not under your control. Youll discover that it has ideas of its own about what it should be and what it should not. Your lack of control will feel like a failure, but really it’s just you learning that you’re only human.

Don’t be discouraged. Keep going.

Keep going when that small familiar voice appears in the back of your mind and tells you that it’s pointless. That somebody else is already doing what you’re trying to do and they’re doing it far better than you ever could. Keep going even if you see clear, incontrovertible evidence that this is true.

Keep going on days when you feel uninspired. And on days when you fear that you’ve left it too late. Keep going when nobody but you will notice if you don’t. Keep going through all of this, and you’ll have made a good start.

You’ll recognise this point because when you were first staring, this is what you thought the end would look like. You’ll have something. It may even be good, but you’ll know it could be better. Don’t settle for this. Keep going.

From here you can see all the things you should have done differently. You’ll notice all the things you could do better if you had it all to do over again. If you can fix them, do so. If you can’t, accept it and keep going.

Keep trying, keep failing, keep learning. Keep being better than you were yesterday. Keep in mind why you started and keep reminding yourself how far you’ve come. You’re wiser than you could have imagined when you started this and you’ll be wiser still when you finish. So keep going.

It’s coming together now, or it’s not, hopefully by now the distinction is starting to matter less. What matters is that you’re doing the best you can as you are today. You know you’ll be better tomorrow. But today you do what you can. There’s nobody else who can do that. So you keep going. It no longer feels as if you can do anything else.

And then one day, you reach a point where you can’t.

You reach a point where there’s nothing more to do. Where you have to let go so that what you’ve done can be seen and judged and stand on its own. You have to let go so that you can do something else. It’ll feel strange. You’ll feel lost and empty without the thing that you’ve given so much of yourself to. You’ll feel like you don’t know what to do with yourself. But you do. It’s fine.

Just keep going.

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I mainly write about meditation, content creation and personal development. But don’t let that fool you. https://steveqj.com

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