Okay, this is a waste of my time. If you had something more valuable to do than project whatever grievances you have with the world onto strangers on the internet, you'd realise that it's a waste of yours too.

Do you realise that in all this time you haven’t had the wisdom to ask a single question aimed at understanding my beliefs or the kind of person I am? Just baseless assertion after baseless assertion.

And seeing as you’re perfectly capable of making those assertions without my participation, I see no need for us to continue talking past each other.

So of the tens of thousands of people who have read, and hundreds who have commented on this article, congratulations on being literally the first person on any platform that I’ve every found so execrably, irredeemably dull, that I’ve decided to block them.

I look forward to a rich, full and happy life of never thinking about you ever again.

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