See, this is the thing, I don't think this is true. We get told this a lot, and I certainly think it's true of Trump himself, but of the millions of white men that voted for Trump, I don't think they all, or even mostly, did so because they want to see women oppressed.

I heard single issue voters talk about how they want their coal jobs back to restore their communties. They're living in a dream world, those jobs can't come back, but they voted for him for no other reason that they hoped he would somehow make it happen.

I heard people who voted for him because they’re scared by the violemce they see in their communities, and Kamala and Biden didn't speak out against it with nearly the clarirty that Trump did. As you say, they’re people for who racism is background noise, and so when Trump projects toughness, they lap it up.

There are many other reasons like these. Are they misguided? Sure. But they're not about oppressing women. Attributing Trump's votes to these kind of motives is to miss the many areas where their reasons an be understood and hopefully reasoned with.

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