Some People vs Most People

An ode to optimism.

Steve QJ
3 min readNov 22, 2021
Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

I’ve noticed a trend lately. In every conversation about discrimination or politics or social justice, every time it’s suggested that society is getting better, or that attitudes are improving or that humanity isn’t irredeemably evil, somebody will start talking about “some people”.

Those scumbags.

Oh? You think the world is less racist than it was 60 years ago? Well, some people are still burning crosses on black people’s lawns. You think it’s possible to overcome hatred with compassion and reason? Well, some people are incapable of either. You think society is steadily becoming more tolerant? Well, some people (some women) still think women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Sadly, it’s all true.

Some people are racist and sexist and all the other flavours of bigoted. Some people will lie and cheat and kill each other over pocket change. By every measure, in every demographic, with no rhyme or reason, “some people” are the worst.

But it’s also true that most people aren’t.

Most people care about equality. Most people support universal healthcare and increasing the minimum wage and taking more decisive action on climate change. Most people are too busy trying to live their lives to have the time or inclination to make…



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