Yeah, you're right, that was probably a little uncharitable. To be clear, I think there are plenty of Trump supporters that fit this description, but I'm equally convinced there are plenty who don't.

As to your point about balancing local job concerns with local trade though, that's a pipe dream for the coal workers and the manufacturing industries that have left the US. That's the point I was making about Biden perhaps being unwilling to lie to engage with voters.

Coal jobs aren't coming back. Period. Manufacturing is going to be a shadow of what it was in the U.S. Period. Why?

Because the only way those jobs could come back is if Americans decide they're willing to work for waaaay less than minimum wage like the workers in China and India will.Either that or look forward to your next iPhone costing $5000.

The world has changed, and there are a lot of people who either don't understand that or don't want to accept it. Trump is taking advantage of their ignorance by lying to them and they thank him for it. But that doens't mean life is going to improve for them. Somehow they have to be persuaded to look forwards instead of backwards to when "America was great".

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