You Should Stop Reading This.

Stop being hustled by #hustleporn.

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No seriously, you really should.

Every second that you spend scrolling through this, every word that you read, even this one, is keeping you from doing something more important.

I’m sure you’ve got your reasons. Maybe you’re searching for that final push to get you started, maybe you’re hoping to find a shortcut to succeeding at whatever you should be doing instead of continuing to read this. Maybe you just like reading.

Either way, spoiler alert; there are no shortcuts hidden here. No hidden doors or revolving bookcases. The shortest path to the things that you want is to stop hoping for strangers on the internet to tell you what to do and just start doing your thing.

Remember, self-help is a business, not a charity. Almost everything you’ll find under the #lifelessons or #productivity or #dontstopthehustle tags on your internet procrastination space of choice, has been written by people trying to monetise your craving to succeed. But as Chris Rock tells us; “Ain’t no money in the cure, the money’s in the medicine.”

Laying out the secret to success, even if they could, would be like a therapist who only charged for the first 5 minutes, or an iPhone as indestructible as a Nokia 3310, that didn’t get slower with every update. No, the money is in selling you the dream that just behind the next paywall, or as soon as you click “buy now” on their latest “limited edition, time-sensitive $2000 value package (available for the next hour for just $199”) you’ll find the answers you’ve been yearning for.

Your favourite influencers are #killingit by earning money off the dopamine rush you get from reading post after post that say different versions of the same thing. Read more. Work harder. Optimise.

So here’s something a little different: stop reading this.

Don’t read yet another 5 surefire ways to make money from blogging. Or the latest article claiming to include 7 techniques guaranteed to take your writing to the next level. There are no guarantees to success, only guaranteed paths to failure. Chief among them being a failure to start. Which you still haven’t done by the way.

Stop reading things which tell you, in a thousand different ways, that you can do it. Of course you can. People far stupider than you have already succeeded. The difference isn’t that they read some secret recipe, the difference is that they figured out what you haven’t yet. You already have everything you need.

Stop reading and start doing. Make your mistakes, learn from them and kick ass. And when you’re done, start a blog, and make a killing telling the rest of us how you did it.

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I mainly write about meditation, content creation and personal development. But don’t let that fool you.

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