Steve QJ
1 min readJul 1, 2022

😂 You're really going to try to lecture me about hyperbole? Jesus. 🤣🤣

Actually, I've written many times that I think trans people should use the bathrooms of the gender they identify as. Maybe I'm not the "obnoxious narrow-minded transphobe" you think I am. But as I’ve also written many times, bathrooms are not communal changing rooms are not sports are not women’s prisons. The different needs of these spaces require different solutions.

And if you want to claim that every single case of assault or rape in a female space was a man who was pretending to be trans and not a “true” transgender woman, that's absolutely fine with me. I will offer no resistance to that argument whatsoever.

The point is, those men were able to gain access to those spaces because of the idea that a man becomes a woman the instant he says, “I'm a woman.” It prioritises the validation of trans women over the safety of women and it is incredibly obvious that it will be (and has been) taken advantage of by “rapists and psychopaths.”

This is one of the many topics that it would be nice to have a reasonable, good-faith conversation about.

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